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A Branding Company. Poised, ready to deliver an aggressive construction of Streetwear blends rarely seen under one house. Each line will aesthetically exude raw balances of character and limitless behavior. Presently, innovation is in a state of surplus and the seekers are seeking textiles that embrace artistic declarations. For centuries garments have been the loudest of all silences. Attire will always visually speak up for itself. We are here to address and dress those in search of clothing that sparks inner embers to flames. A tangible, stimulating resource is sometimes all that is needed to re-acquire an idea that could re-direct a dead future. One hoodie, one tee, one hat, one jacket, one great design, are all ensemble pieces of energy used to clothe generations to the next great marvel. Clothes are ensembles of energy. Liberties need to be taken and we will take them. We are aware. We are what we wear. We are the new old same different. The loud silent. F1W